Time to Start Packing!

Jay and I like to travel light. We just don’t like to be weighed down by a bunch of stuff when we travel. For our upcoming journey, we decided to limit ourselves to one backpack each, carry-on size. So how to do you decide what to put in that backpack when you’re going to use it for travel to three different continents in all sorts of weather and situations? Well, we’ve had some fun with it and it’s been a fun little challenge.

Here’s what’s going in my bag (a Kelty Redwing 44), and believe it or not, it all fits! Truth be told, I am also bringing an Eagle Creek handbag and some of these items are going in there. And, all the clothes I’m bringing are the lightweight, quick dry type so easier to pack, and much easier for washing along the way.

-Passport, yellow card, extra passport photos
-Camera, charger, memory cards
-Electrical adapter
-iPhone & headphones
-Cash & money belt
-Pocket New Testament
-Travel journal
-Running shoes
-Black slip-on walking shoes
-Lightweight pants
-Wool leggings
-3 below-knee skirts
-5 t-shirts
-2 long sleeves
-2 tank tops
-1 pair running shorts
-Travel sheet
-Compressible down jacket & rain jacket
-Socks and underwear
-Toiletries and medications
-Travel towel
-Small travel hair dryer
-Work gloves & mittens
-Snorkel & mask, rash guard (will ship these items home after we leave Thailand/Cambodia)


9 responses to “Time to Start Packing!

  1. How disciplined! I cannot even go to Mom’s for one week (where there is a washer & dryer) with so little. I’m impressed.

  2. Final countdown has begun! I’m so excited to get to follow you on your travels.
    Last minute instructions from your aunt: Don’t forget to listen to the news about the areas where you will be traveling!

    • Thanks Aunt Becky! You’ll be happy to know that I registered our trip with the US Secretary of State and at the same time, signed up to receive travel alerts via email for all the places we are going.

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