Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe became our favorite island in southern Thailand. It’s a small island with beaches lining the shores on each side and a walking street running though the middle which is lined with shops and restaurants. It was far less crowded and much more quaint than the other islands we visited. Small enough to easily get everywhere by foot, yet plenty to do. We stayed in a little bungalow on Sunrise beach.

Properly named Sunrise Beach as we were able to watch the sunrise from that beach.


Fittingly, the island also has a Sunset Beach, where we went to watch the sunset.


One of the things we liked most about Ko Lipe was that the area had the best snorkeling. You can snorkel right from the beach. One day, we rented a kayak so we could get further from the shore. We did some snorkeling around a small island we made it to.




We also went by long tail boat to some of the small uninhabited islands surrounding Ko Lipe which had the most beautiful coral. We saw lots of different fish and even moray eels.





We were able to spend some time on the remote islands. Enjoying lunch, checking out the different crabs, walking around, watching monkeys…





And lots of snorkeling…






Back on Ko Lipe, walking street had lots of options for food. We ate Thai food, of course, but were also able to enjoy Indian food, Italian food, and lots of fresh fruit. One thing you quickly notice in Thailand is just how many businesses are family businesses. At a restaurant, it is not unusual to see two or three generations working together, and often, to see that their home attached to the restaurant.


Like most places we have traveled overseas, there was no shortage of cute pups and kittens roaming around. There were the cutest kittens that came to our bungalow every morning and night. And all of them just happened to come by as we were packing up our things to leave the island.



8 responses to “Ko Lipe

  1. Great photos of your activities. So happy you are sharing with us. You are right, that coral is over the top colorful. (I think I would have freaked to encounter the eel! Yikes.)

    • Ha ha! I’ve never seen one leave the bottom of the ocean, so they don’t scare me. Things that sting, on the other hand, are a different story. There was something invisible in the waters down here that was stinging us, it didn’t hurt too much, but definitely freaked me out at first. These British guys we met told us it’s tiny plankton that drift with the current. I had never experienced it snorkeling before until Thailand.

  2. Another great blog. You add great photos. Glad you are getting lots of use of the snorkeling equipment you packed in your backpack. All day cooking class sounds like something you both will enjoy. Cute bungalow you found to stay in.

  3. oooo my gosh I cant believe you made it to koh lipe…one of our favorite spots in the whole world!! AND so cool that we can share the memories and experiences together! how bout that long boat ride to get there?!

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