Goodbye USA…Hello Tokyo

We made it Tokyo! We got here via LA on Singapore Airlines; we’d never flown with them before, but had heard good things. Gotta say, we were impressed. Each seat came with its own flat screen and remote control (with hundreds of movies and TV programs to choose from), various outlets at your seat to charge devices, hot washcloth service at various times during the flight, a little bag with booties/ toothbrush/ toothpaste, and a printed menu with 10 pages of complimentary food & drink selections…we even had Haagen-Das ice cream for dessert. Long flights are never fun, but little comforts make it more bearable. 20131207-231441.jpg

We are in Japan for 7 days and will be going to several different places here, so it made sense for us to purchase the Japan Rail Pass. In addition to getting you around the country, it includes an express train to/from the Tokyo airport (the Narita airport is about an hour from downtown Tokyo). Travel by train is our preferred method of travel – far roomier and more punctual than buses, easier than having to navigate your own way with a rental car, and no hassle of dealing with taxi drivers.

It was a relief to find that the train & subway lines have signs in English. We made it to our hotel without any problems. Our hotel room is quite possibly the smallest room we’ve ever stayed in…just enough space for a small double bed. Only fitting, since space is at a premium here.

It’s 11pm local time & 7am back home (16 hr time difference). Hoping we can get some sleep tonight and avoid any major jet lag. Looking forward to exploring the city tomorrow!

2 responses to “Goodbye USA…Hello Tokyo

  1. Glad you are finally in Tokyo. Hope you enjoyed some good movies. Good thing you didn’t have large pieces of luggage to put in your hotel room.
    I have never visited Japan.

  2. Glad you had a good trip,. Get your needed rest and enjoy your stay in Japan. Our snow has quit – think we have about 2″ – only 18 degrees so nippy out. Lv. Grandma

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