Waiheke Island

One of the days we were in Auckland, we did a day trip to Waiheke Island. From downtown Auckland, it takes just 40 minutes to reach the island by ferry. We spent a full day hiking around the island, doing a 15 mile loop around the west side of the island – starting and ending at the Matiatia Bay ferry wharf. Throughout the day, we enjoyed stunning cliff-top views of the ocean, landscapes full of vineyards and sheep grazing in grassy fields.

walking along matiatia bay


matiatia bay


we can see the trail stretching ahead of us – wow!


our first of many sheep sightings in NZ

Mid-day, we reached a section where the trail was intersected by a bay of water. There was no bridge across and no rocks to step on to make your way across. There no way onward but to wade through the water. Jay was nice enough to give me a piggyback across so I didn’t have to get all wet. I believe his words to me were, “I’m already the Sherpa when we hike, now just add mule to my job description.” Which gave us both a good laugh.

the water crossing


letting the feet dry out on the beach


the very vocal variable oystercatchers


behind me is where we came from

Shortly after the water crossing, we found the perfect tree to sit in and eat our picnic lunch. Afterwards, we continued along the coast.

the perfect tree for a picnic

so many big, beautiful trees


continuing along the coast


te wharau bay


huruhi bay

Once we reached Huruhi Bay, we left the coastline to cut across the island to Oneroa Beach on the other side. Along the way, we stopped for a wine tasting at Jurassic Ridge Vineyard. When we walked in, no one else was there except the winemaker. He was very passionate about his wines and was excited about a trip he has planned to come to the states and raft down the Grand Canyon.

jurassic ridge vineyard


miles of vineyards


a picturesque landscape

From Oneroa Beach, we started our trek along the island’s northern shoreline, eventually ending back at the ferry wharf where we began.

oneroa bay 


owhanake bay


yet another secluded beach


caution – low clearance!


rocky shores


from this field, we could see auckland in the distance

the last secluded beach before reaching matiatia bay

On our way back to the Matiatia Bay wharf, we discovered that the last mile is only passable during low tide. Having no clue what time low tide was, we took our chances. Thankfully, the tide was low when we got to that section. And, by running the last 10 minutes back, we were able to make it back to the wharf just in time for the next ferry back to Auckland. What a day!

6 responses to “Waiheke Island

  1. ahhh… Loved the the City of Sails and “my” first hike along the NZ northern shores (especially from my chair!). Beautiful landscapes captured in your photos. I’m so excited to see what’s next.

  2. Thanks for more updates! It is fun to journey along with you. I’m so glad you guys made it during ‘low tide’ and caught your ferry….things could have become VERY interesting if you hadn’t! Praise the Lord for watching over and providing for you. I’m curious if Jay has his bike yet?? Haven’t seen it…. Keep having fun exploring the world while we live our boring lives!! 😉

    • Sadly, Jay does not have his beloved mountain bike here. Before we arrived in NZ, he decided not to have his buddy ship it out here – just too expensive. We rented mountain bikes in Wellington, so there is some biking footage to come!

  3. Tell your “mule” he’s a good husband and we are happy he’s taking such good care of you! Such beautiful country~loved your tree picnic!! Interesting all the miles of netting on the grapes~to keep out birds or 4-legged critters? Wine tasting made for a great break on your 15 mile trek! Glad the tide was low for you & you made it in time for the ferry!!

  4. Another enjoyable tour. I especially liked the picture of the sheep. Your Grandpa and Great Grandpa raised a lot of sheep. I always had a lot of pets to bottle feed every year at lambing time. The vineyards were spectacular. Glad you made it back at low tide for catch the ferry.

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