We’re Headed to Ecuador!

Tomorrow, we fly to Ecuador. This will be our first time out of the country since we got back from New Zealand. We’ve been itching to explore a new place.

Why Ecuador? The reasons are many. To name a few:

  • It’s a practical destination for a 2-week trip: relatively easy to get to from the U.S. and no jet lag to deal with (it’s in the same time zone as the East Coast)
  • There are endless hiking opportunities! From the Ecuador portion of the Inca Trail to the peaks of the Andes Mountains…I can’t wait to explore. 
  • The Amazon rainforest! Although the majority of the massive Amazon rainforest is in Brazil, Ecuador has a slice of it as well
  • The cloud forest of Mindo and its adventure activities
  • Papallacta hot springs
  • Colonial towns and indigenous markets

One thing about a two-week trip…the amount of stuff I end up packing is about the same as a 3-month trip. Not kidding. I compared my packing lists from our 3-month trips. It’s pretty much the same. I’m bringing the same backpack I’ve been using for several years now – the Kelty Redwing 44. It’s small enough to carry on an airplane yet large enough to hold all my stuff. Everything fits nicely once all the clothing is in compression sacks (and I’m wearing some of the items). Plus, the compression sacks keep everything organized. In the backpack:

  • Toothbrush + toothpaste
  • Sunglasses
  • Luggage lock
  • Hiking shoes
  • Black walking shoes
  • Rain jacket & lightweight jacket 
  • 5 t-shirts
  • 3 long sleeves
  • 2 tank tops
  • Jeans & Leggings
  • Running tights, capris, waterproof pants
  • Swimsuit
  • 2 Hats
  • Beanie, gloves, ear warmers, neck warmer, toe warmers, gortex socks, gaiters (can you tell I don’t like being cold?)
  • Socks and underwear
  • Toiletries and medication
  • Travel sheet
  • Travel towel
  • Small travel hair dryer
  • Headlamp
  • Snacks


      step 1: lay everything out on the bed


      step 2: clothes into compression sacks


    I’m also bringing the Eagle Creek handbag that I’ve had for about 10 years. Not the most stylish handbag, but I continue to bring it whenever we travel overseas because it’s practical and not flashy. In the handbag:

    • Passport
    • iPhone, charger, headphones
    • Camera, charger, memory cards
    • Credit card, debit card, cash
    • Garmin, charger
    • Earplugs

      bags are packed!


    And last, but not least, snacks! Whenever I travel, I always bring snacks. And when the snacks I bring with me run out, I buy more locally. I just like the peace of mind of always having something on hand to eat when I get hungry. Because trust me, I’m a much nicer person to be around when I’m not hungry. Half of these are for Jay…


      gotta have snacks for the road


    While packing last night, Libby was following me around like a lost puppy. It’s harder to leave now that she is older (14). What makes it easier is knowing she’ll be in the best of hands while we are gone, staying with her sister Emma.

      Let the next adventure begin!

      11 responses to “We’re Headed to Ecuador!

      1. Say hi to Jay from the Braddocks! Glad to know Libby is still doing well. Have a great adventure. I’ve been to Colombia and then Vietnam since seeing Jay last, I think I told him about Kenya…..travel rocks 😎

      2. So fun! What travel towel do you use? I’m in the market to replace a cheapy that resembles a small piece of felt.

        • Thanks Jed! We both have the REI multitowel. Jay has the “lite” version and I have the regular version. We’ve had them for over 5 years now and are happy with the quality.

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