Following an overnight flight, we landed in Frankfurt shortly after 11AM. After a short train ride to Frankfurt Main Station and dropping our backpacks off at hotel, it was noon. Challenge for today was to keep moving…no resting and no checking into our hotel room until after dinner. Gotta stay awake until the local bedtime to nip jet lag in the bud! Jay didn’t sleep at all on the plane, so for him, that meant staying up for over 30 hours straight.

As we ventured out to explore the city, we had perfect weather…mid 60’s, sunny, and blue skies. We went for a walk on the pedestrian path that runs alongside the River Main. I decided this will be the perfect place for my run tomorrow morning.


the river main

Along the other side of the shore the Saturday Flea Market was taking place. There was quite the eclectic assortment of items for sale.


frankfurt flea market

We decided to eat lunch at the market.


stopping for a bite to eat

I guess it’s only fitting that the first thing I would eat in Germany would be a bratwurst.


an assortment of meats

Afterwards, we walked across the Iron Bridge toward old town.


the iron bridge


on the iron bridge


we would later visit the historic church seen in this photo

The Old Town of Frankfurt was partially destroyed in World War II by six bombardments of the Allied Air Forces. The largest of which was on March 22, 1944, when more than a thousand buildings were destroyed by the Royal Air Force. The area has been nearly fully restored in the years since.

In Old Town, Römer Square is quintessential Europe –  cobbled stone walkways, historic buildings, lined with cafes and filled people sitting outdoors enjoying a cup of coffee or pint of beer.

When we walked the streets of old town, the feeling of being in Germany washed over me.


Römer square


Römer square, city hall behind me

Next, we visited the historic St. Bartholomew Cathedral. For centuries, it was the site of the coronation of German kings and empires of the Holy Roman Empire.


St. Bartholomew Cathedral

We climbed the 328 steps up the cathedral’s tower for panoramic views of Frankfurt. In Colorado, climbing this many stairs would leave me panting for air. Being at sea level, it wasn’t so bad.


it was a narrow spiral staircase

Once we got to the top, the views were outstanding.


view from the top, looking west


old town in the foreground and the business district in the background…old world vs. new world


taking in the views


looking west

We spent the afternoon roaming the streets of Frankfurt. We sat outside one of the cafes and enjoyed some espresso, which gave us a second wind. After roaming for a while, next thing we knew, it was time for dinner, and after dinner, we headed back to our hotel. We had successfully stayed awake all day!


zeil street…one of the many places we roamed

This morning, I went for a short run along the River Main. It was a crisp, cool Sunday morning. I thought about how in exactly one week, I’ll be running the marathon through the streets of Berlin! Eeek!!!

Today we headed to Prague by train.


Frankfurt Main Train Station


waiting for the train

Our first train out of Frankfurt was delayed by 15 minutes, which caused us to miss our connecting train. As a result, we ended up unexpectedly having two hours in Nuremberg. This place held great significance during the Nazi German era and it was here, in 1945 and 1946, that German officials involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity were brought before an international tribunal in the Nuremberg trials.


inside the fortress walls of Nuremberg




a combination of two of Jay’s favorite things…coffee and bikes


St Lorenz Cathedral and Sunday Market


an acapella group performing on the steps of the cathedral…they were singing Beatles songs of all things

After the stop in Nuremberg we were back on our way to Prague. Looking forward to our time there!


Prague…here we come!

6 responses to “Frankfurt

  1. So fun to read your travel blog adventures again! Thankful everything is going well so far!! So much history and contrast from “old/new” city look! Praying for you and Jay as you explore and for your race next weekend!

  2. Love the pictures – so jealous and happy for you. Looks like you are having a great time and thank you for the posts, they are great, as always. Enjoy Prague.

  3. Your photos are already bringing back a lot of memories. I did chuckle at your ‘first German meal’ a little. With the German heritage in our family one would think we would have had some growing up. (I had my first in Cincinnati, a VERY German-influenced city!)

  4. What a long day for you guys~….such beautiful cathedrals so glad you took photos of them! Wouldn’t have guessed the “Beatles” songs either~fun!! Sounds like the perfect first day~I bet you fell asleep the moment you hit the pillow!

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