Bags are packed!

It’s been a whirlwind the last few weeks. Between wrapping up work, having family in town, remodeling the basement, getting ready to leave the country, and seeing people one last time before we go…it’s been a jammed pack few weeks. But, time won’t wait. Our flight leaves in the morning and our bags are packed!

Like last time, we decided to limit ourselves to one backpack each, carry-on size. It was a little bit easier this second time around, but definitely still a challenge. About a month ago, I set aside an area of my closet for packing and started setting things aside. That helped tremendously. Today, I laid out everything I had set aside on the bed. I’m using the same bag as I did for Leg 1 (a Kelty Redwing 44), so I already knew about how much would fit. Thanks to that (and to compression sacks)…when I went to put everything in the bag, it actually all fit on the first try! I will point out that Jay definitely has me beat on light packing. Although our bags are about the same size, mine is much heavier. I just can’t dwindle down the clothes & toiletries like he can.

Here’s what’s in my backpack (and Eagle Creek handbag):

-Camera, charger, memory cards
-Electrical adapters
-iPhone & headphones
-Credit card & debit card (both with no foreign transaction fees, which is key)
-Running shoes
-Black slip-on walking shoes
-Jeans & Leggings
-Black skirt
-5 t-shirts
-3 long sleeves
-3 tank tops
-Running shorts & capris
-Travel sheet
-Compressible down jacket & rain jacket
-Socks and underwear
-Toiletries and medications
-Travel towel
-Small travel hair dryer
-Snorkel & mask, rash guard (will ship these items home after we leave the Philippines)

One thing not on this list (because Jay is carrying it in his bag), is our new GoPro. We are really excited to capture footage on it during our travels.

Now time to get some rest before our early wake up call!



6 responses to “Bags are packed!

  1. Woohoo!!!!! It was great to see you and spend time together before your second big adventure!!! I will be praying for you and Jay. I hop you have an amazing journey!! Love you tons….looking forward to reading your blogs and seeing photos! 🙂

  2. Again I am so impressed with your ability to travel with so little, and that that pile you do have all fits in that bag. Doesn’t look as if it would. Safe travels. We’ll be there with you if only in spirit!

  3. The day has arrived!!!! I’m just as amazed by that little bag for your big travels this year as I was last! Hope your flight is on time this morning~oh the places you’ll go!!!! Looking forward to your blogs!

  4. So excited for you and Jay. Enjoy all the sights and sounds and food. Stay safe. Can’t wait for your next blog telling us you have arrived in Tokyo.

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