We headed to the Peruvian coast to spend a few days relaxing on the beach. The beaches here aren’t the most beautiful, and the waters are cold. However, the spectacular ocean waves (the place is known for it’s surf breaks), in combination with the slow pace of life, make it a great place to unwind.

a room with a view, loved falling asleep to the sounds of the waves!

on “el muelle”, the landmark pier

how we spent most of our days

surf time

Huanchaco is home of Caballitos de Totora, long and narrow reed boats. Archaeological evidence suggests that this watercraft was the world’s first surfboard.

reed boats

I watched one come into shore during a foggy morning run

Although debated, Huanchaco is considered by many to be the birthplace of ceviche. While here, we tried it in many forms…

a classic ceviche mixto at Resto Bar

fried ceviche at SumKella (tasted like ahi tuna)

ceviche sushi at Umi Sushi Bar

A 15-minute bus ride from Huanchaco is the Chan Chan archeological site. It’s believed it was constructed around 850 AD and that it was the largest city in South America (~50,000 people) until conquered by the Incas in 1470 AD. The city is made of adobe brick, which is slowly crumbling away from rains and flooding.

chan chan

chan chan

a restored part of the site, now covered for protection from the elements

Huanchaco makes for an inexpensive beach getaway:

  • Hotel room with ocean view: $45/night
  • Surfboard & wetsuit rental: $9/day
  • Beach chairs & umbrella: $3/day
  • Sunset on the beach: Priceless

sunset on playa huancarute

5 responses to “Huanchaco

  1. You are so brave to try all that different food – I’m afraid I would get pretty hungry. The scenery is so beautiful. Prices are right too

  2. After all the miles and miles of hiking you have done…you both NEEDED some down time to rest those legs!! Still praying for your health, safety and FUN adventures!!! Soak in this last week!!!

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