Huacachina is a desert oasis, located about a 4-hour drive south of Lima. In the center is the Huacachina Lagoon, lined with hotels and restaurants. The surrounding sand dunes are the main attraction. Arriving here felt like being instantly transported to the Egyptian desert (where we were 6 years ago this month!).

We started our morning with a hike up the sand dunes. Needless to say, it was slow going on the way up and quite fast going down.

on the way up, for each step up, we were sliding half a step back

on a ridge, views of the nearby city ica in the background

the vast landscape makes you feel small

huachachina below

on the way down, for each step down, we slid a couple more steps forward

The most popular activity in Huacachina is to go on a buggy and snowboarding tour in the sand dunes. One of the reviews I read about this tour said “Almost died twelve times. 10 out of 10 would do again.” 😂

ready to ride!

hat turned back as it was super windy during the ride, felt like being on a roller coaster

stopped to take a couple pictures

such a cool landscape

our guide waxed the boards to make them go faster

did the first one on our bellies


waiting at the bottom of the hill as our driver comes to get us

getting strapped in

Jay is a snowboarder, so this came easier for him

I fell several times, but at this moment look like I know what I am doing

snowboarding! our first time on the slopes this year!

3 responses to “Huacachina

  1. Oh my!! What an experience you guys are having at every turn!! Who knew you could snowboard on sand dunes??!!

  2. That snowboarding looked like fun – can imagine how tough it was to climb in that sand. More beautiful scenery

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